Travel Information


Each delegate/delegation is responsible to make travel arrangements immediately after confirming their attendance and receiving country assignments. Booking flight quite early will guarantee better prices. However, all delegates/delegations should arrange and secure accommodation prior to booking all flights.

GIMUN 2024 delegates/delegations can use their Institutions’/MUN Association’s/Youth Groups’ support to organize their trips.

  • Visa Issues

Before arranging your travel, it is important that each delegate enquires about visa requirements.

Please consult the Ghana Immigration Service at to know whether you are required to obtain a travel visa and to have instructions on how to do so.

Each delegate is competent to take care of his/her visa procedure. However, the GIMUN Secretariat is available to send specific invitation letters to delegates who need such assistance to facilitate visa application.

  • To Request for a Letter:

Please contact the GIMUN Secretariat at , well in advance before the visa’s meeting at the Ghana’s High Commission and request for a letter. Please allow the team at least 5 business days for a response.

All interested Institutions/MUN Associations/Youth Groups, individual students and youth should register for the Ghana International Model UN and confirm their attendance by paying the registration fee latest by 20th December 2023. A letter will not be issued until the full conference registration fee has been paid.

Requests from Institutions/MUN Associations/Youth Groups should only come from the Head of delegation and must include the following details of all members of the delegation coming from the same Institutions/MUN Associations/Youth Groups; provide the names of participants, dates of birth, country of citizenship, passport numbers, and passport expiration dates.

Please be aware of the fact that due to the volumes of requests received by the GIMUN Secretariat, only one letter per Institutions/MUN Association/Youth Group will be released with names of all delegates mentioned in the issued letter.

  • Our Further Advice:

Make the request early: Contact the High Commission or Consulate early enough to apply for the visa.

Send the invitation letter to the High Commission /Consulate Meeting: Send a copy of the invitation letter provided by GIMUN to the High Commission /Consulate meeting.

Inform us of your itinerary: International delegates must inform the GIMUN Secretariat about their itinerary at least forty-eight hours before your arrival date. Send your itinerary to

Arrive as scheduled: International and Domestic delegates/delegations are expected to undergo conference registration on the 13th June, 2024 between 07:00 GMT to 10:00 GMT.

Bring the invitation letter during your travel: A copy of the official GIMUN invitation letter should always be carried by delegates/delegations when traveling. Further, we suggest you also show to the competent authorities your return plane ticket and information on any other places you will visit during your stay in Ghana.

  • High School Delegates’ Reporting and Departure Security

All high school delegates must report or depart at the conference grounds with a Faculty Advisor or a guardian. In case this cannot be strictly followed, prior notice and arrangement must be made with the GIMUN 2024 Deputy Secretary-General (Delegates’ Affairs) 48 hours before the arrival and departure of the delegates.

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