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GIMUN-Raising Global Giants | Core Values

Core Values


Aristotle said, “Excellence is an art won by training and habitation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but rather we have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do”. Excellence is becoming the center of your own universe, and from that grounded, centered position, shining your light into the world by using your unique talents. We at the GIMUN, desire to give only the very best of ourselves to the world. Consumerism is the blood of our economy. It is all about people, impact, global turnaround, and that above all things; the world is made a better place for us all to live in. We build every skill and capacity, pushing past our comfort zone, against every struggle, frustration, setbacks and failures to achieve maximum results in a few effective ways as;

  • Pursuing what we love
  • Doing the hardest work first
  • Practicing intensely
  • Seeking expert feedback
  • Taking regular renewal breaks
  • Ritualizing our practice

We seek to excel at all that we do. Indeed, excellence is our hallmark.                                                                                            


We know that caring is not just another skill or concept to be taught or a set of moral precepts to be followed. Caring entails feelings of concern and solitude for others. It also involves a sensitive responsiveness to the other that is based on an engaged attentiveness and openness to the other’s experience. This involves seeing and feeling the world as the other sees and feels it. Our part of the world is burdened with issues ranging from poverty, illiteracy, and how to live with people with disabilities. There are so many hurting people out there that need just a warm embrace, a hand to be extended to them, or just a kind word. There are so many potentials and talents that are going waste due to illiteracy and inability to access education. Global revolutionists and world changers are walking around without their priceless innate qualities being harnessed as a body affiliated to the UN, we walk with the ultimate responsibility of providing the care that our world needs in every way that we can. In areas of health, climate, food security, we seek to extend our arm of care. Not that alone, but also in the fields of unpaid work, women’s rights, child’s rights , maternal health, gender equality and social justice, we will hoist our flag of care. All that someone may need is an opened arm; and at the GIMUN, our arms are wide open to receive everybody.


In every group, the way its members interact with one another explains its dynamism. When dynamics are poor, the group’s effectiveness is reduced. However, the positivity of any group’s dynamics determines how well the group will work together. We at the GIMUN, as an organization with the utmost aim of global impact, diligently seek to strengthen our dynamics through

  • Knowing our team
  • Tackling our problems quickly with good feedback
  • Defining each team member’s roles and responsibilities.
  • Breaking down every barrier that will come in the course of our work.
  • Placing maximum focus on communication.
  • Paying attention.

This we intend to accomplish, by ensuring that in our daily interactions as a Model UN organization, each member both talks and listens. We seek to encourage the accommodation of everyone’s opinions, whilst at the same time preventing domination by just a small group. Our interactions with our clients will be driven with an active force and made very energetic with a lot of face-to-face communication. We would also ensure that members develop a friendship among themselves and connect with one another. Recognizing the fact that we are not an embodiment of all knowledge, we would carefully consider allowing members to go outside the group from time to time so that they bring relevant information back in. we seek to develop individual talents. However, successful communication patterns will be given the maximum priority.


“As you strive to reach your personal best, alertness will make the task much easier”.

-John Wooden.

Every impact-oriented entity stays on guard to ensure the effective fulfillment of set goals. Being alert to details, being in the moment and most of all, simply being awake is what we seek to do; we believe is a strong value we must hold on to in every activity, every field of endeavor, close and continuous attention will be paid to whatever is being done. Every detail, however tiny it may be, never goes by unnoticed. Watchfulness is a major key in this regard. We are and will always be on the lookout for any emergency that may come up in the course of carrying out our activities. As a GIMUNer, each member is encouraged to be always ready and prompt to meet an emergency. There is no room for hasty decision taking. Every intervention must be carefully planned, strategically positioned and professionally executed. Being quick to perceive and act is one of the values the GIMUN seeks to imbibe in its members and everyone else it impacts. Programs of the GIMUN are structured in such a way as to urge everyone to put their minds to work, as we find lasting solutions to the issues confronting our World.

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