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The GIMUN aims to increase people’s awareness and boost their interest and confidence in the UN system; develop the capacity of people especially the youth to work for the UN and its agencies; advocate for the enhancement of human rights and safe environmental practices; promote peace among people by fostering friendship; offer helping hand to the vulnerable and less privileged in the society

We believe that the best way to get the youth to participate in the global effort to establishing world peace is by training them and providing the necessary skills for them so that they can become more tolerant: perfect in developing cohesion and greater ones when they become leaders of national international institution very important to ensure the youth clearly understand the principles upon which the UN is formed and imbibe in them the spirit of the ideals and values of the UN. During GIMUN programs and events, young people get precious opportunities to know what they are really made of and get the needed guidance that will enable their talents not to go waste.

However, the unavoidable costs that such an experience requires in particular to those suffering economic challenge represent a big hindrance for many people participation. For this reason, we are inviting foundations, enterprises and individuals to help us in this important commitment by considering making a personal contribution.

In this way, we would be able to expand this opportunity to have more youth, particularly those coming from weak economic background gain access to the great opportunity in making it in life. We would be able to also put smile on faces of people who have been neglected and would need our attention, care and assistance at critical times to survive. We may need few assistance from you too to enable us talk about the issues which are critical but unattended to. In many instances when we will need to resort to legal actions to get our most vulnerable people and their challenges addressed, we will need some money to do that.

As our kindest donor, contributing to our mission, you will be sure to have sowed a seed which will build the capacity of young people for global assignment; help extend a helping hand to somebody in dime need; and being part of the people who pushed for the right things done in our society..  Donate today and help us change the way the world deals with vulnerability.

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Thank you for taking a decision to help us this year.

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