Officials Role Description

Prospective Committees Bureau will have to choose from available positions listed on the Officials’ application form. Whatever choice made, below are the role description of it.


-The Chairperson/President is the presiding officer of a simulated Committee. The Chairperson/President shall have complete control of the proceedings at any meeting. These duties shall include declaring the opening and closing of each meeting of the committee, directing its discussions, ensuring observance of the Rules of Procedure by ruling on all Points of Order, granting the right to speak, and announcing decisions. The Chairperson/President may, in the course of the discussion of an item, propose to the committee the limitation of the time to be allowed to speakers, the limitation of the number of times each representative may speak, the closure of the list of speakers or the closure of the debate. He or she may also propose the suspension or the adjournment of the meeting or the adjournment of the debate on the item under discussion.


-Vice Chairpersons/Vice Presidents are needed for each of the committee that would be simulated except the Security Council. The Vice Chairpersons/Vice Presidents may be called upon to replace the presiding officer of the committee. Acting as the presiding officer he or she has the same powers and duties as the Chairperson/President.


-Provide continuous guidance and advice to the Chairperson/President concerning the organization of work, status of negotiations, and conduct of business including interpretation of the Ghana

International Model UN rules of procedure;

-Prepare the talking points for the Committee Chairperson for each Committee meeting in consultation with the Chairperson;

-Be expected to respond to informal questions on the Committee’s agenda and follow-up with delegates on issues related to the Committee’s agenda;

-Provide procedural guidance to the Chairperson while seated at the podium alongside the Chairperson;

-Be well versed in the GIMUN rules of procedure, its Committees and UN resolution processes;

-Be expected to be knowledgeable about the substantive work of his/her Committee, particularly as it relates to the theme of the conference and general Member State positions on the issues;

-Communicate regularly with the GIMUN Secretary-General on all and any conference developments.

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