The GIMUNTOHNMUN2022 is a ten-day trip organized by Pertrients for GIMUN delegates to participate in the 68th Session of the most prestigious Harvard National Model United Nations(HNMUN) conference in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. The educational trip is scheduled for 6-16 February 2022.

During the trip, there shall also be a visit to the UN Headquarters in New York and other diplomatic and academic institutions in the United States. COVID-19 Protocols by the host country as well as the departing country shall be duly observed.

The annual trip aims to prepare young people for global assignments by equipping them with leadership and diplomatic skills in research, writing, public speaking, lobbying, and negotiations. It also raises the awareness on the role the United Nations plays in world affairs and to encourage the next generation of leaders to get involved in global issues. Several measures have been taken to ensure that the trip is more educative, safe, and fun.

Therefore, the trip shall be managed by very experienced young people who have a wide range of experience in Model UN and HNMUN conferences. An intensive training session will be conducted for all participants prior to the trip.

Pertrients and GIMUN would work closely with relevant stakeholders to ensure a successful trip. Several other trips would also be organized in the future to other Model UN conferences in other countries.

Online application is opened until 20 June 2021.

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