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    STATEMENT OF GHANA INTERNATIONAL MODEL UNITED NATIONS TEAM ON 2017 INTERNATIONAL YOUTH DAY As the years progress so does population of the world increases. Embedded in the population growth is a youthful explosion which when properly harnessed would change the fortunes of Africa. We have also experienced at first hand as for years scholars have described the disproportionately large population of youth around Africa as a ticking time bomb. This logic is focused on young people’s violent potential: youth have very little access to jobs and whose grievances aren’t addressed by good governance is likely to rebel. The youth have over the years been labeled as perpetrators of violence though unfortunate, evidence of such nature abound across the globe. During the Arab Spring, the youth played a role in sparking movements across the Middle East. During the period, we saw an outpour of young activists, both men and women in …


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    GIMUN ENDORSES ExLA’S YOUNG AFRICAN WOMEN’S CONGRESS 2016 The GIMUN Team is very much happy about ExLA Group’s Initiative; the Young African Women Congress scheduled 4th-8th July, 2016 in Accra. We believe it is a platform to develop our young women and also showcase their worth in building a better world. Our endorsement is due to the fact that, the YAWC 2016 is one of the local actions in achieving the SDGS 5 which admonishes the people of the world to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls. Conferences such as the YAWC are pre-condition towards the achievement of SDGs 5. We therefore encourage all young women to sign up for the conference. Application has been opened on their website www.yawcafrica.org . The Executive Chairman and some female officials of the GIMUN Team will be at the congress to share ideas on how young women can contribute to …


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      The GIMUN Team is pleased to announce its partnership with the Rome Model United Nations in Italy. The partnership agreement between the two MUNs includes exchanges of officials and delegates for both conferences. This is part of our globalization efforts to allow our delegates to travel, experience different cultures and gain international exposure. This partnership is one of the numerous partnerships GIMUN is seeking through its Educational Exchange Programme which would be finally launched in January 2016. GIMUN Team hopes that, this partnership would see future collaborations between both MUNs and provide our delegates and officials with the best conference experience in 2016 and beyond. We encourage all to apply for GIMUN 2016 at www.thegimun.org  and RomeMUN 2016 at www.romemun.org

  • UN Day

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    STATEMENT OF THE GIMUN SECRETARIAT ON 70TH UNITED NATIONS DAY 2015 The world today has come a very long way. Amidst all the high moments and the difficult times, we can appreciate our success and fully utilise our opportunities in advancing the human course. Because of technology, the world today has not just become a global village, it has made it easier for people to look out for each other where ever we find ourselves. We have become acquainted to each other than before. As the United Nations turns 70 today, we need to celebrate the good works of the UN.We need to celebrate the achievements of the UN so far, their timely interventions during crisis and many conflicts and calamities they have prevented. However, there is more room for improvement; more room to win a lot more battles and more room to make the world a lot more peaceful …


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    GOODWILL MESSAGE FROM THE GHANA INTERNATIONAL MODEL UNITED NATIONS SECRETARIAT (GIMUN) ON THE OCCASION OF THE 15TH CONGRESS OF UNIVERSITY STUDENTS ASSOCIATION OF GHANA (USAG) We bring you good tidings and felicitations from the Executive Chairman and the entire GIMUN 2016 Team. With a common vision to make Ghana a global icon in diplomacy and leadership, we believe that this Congress would serve as the catalyst to inspire and propel future leaders to take up the challenge of making our world a better place. We are confident that you will have fruitful deliberations, with ideas to better the student movement, world over. As GIMUN and USAG begin the International Youth Educational Exchange program from January 2016, we would want to see a very peaceful and organized USAG. We therefore urge you to employ discipline, integrity, professionalism and togetherness in this Congress to restore confidence in your association! We have also …